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Random Thoughts

Waiting to be picked

The challenge in waiting to be picked by someone else is that they have to be smart enough to see your value.

It’s the same if it’s coaches, employers, belt promotions or a game of pickup basketball. If you’re taking part in something that depends on you being “picked” your job isn’t to wait to be selected. It isn’t to hope someone will get smart and choose you. It’s to make those who’s job it is to make decisions to look foolish for not picking you. To stand out so much that you “must” be chosen. To be so good that you can’t be ignored. It’s not easy but that’s all that is in your control. 

If you must get “picked” then ask yourself what are you doing now so that anyone not picking you looks foolish for it?

Perspective change

We used to have to convince people that kata was not a sufficient training regimen for developing practical self defense skills. Now we have to convince people that doing reps/walking thru moves/drilling is undervalued.  The times they are a’ changing!
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