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Latest news from BJJ Basics

Step Over Lapel Choke

  In this video we will be covering a couple of nice choke options for when we are attacking a partner in the turtle position. In this instance we will have the collar grip but it will not be deep enough for a classic clock choke.  We will therefore...

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Defending Omo Plata from Guard Step Over with The Staple

BJJ Basics: Here is another option to defending omo platas. Enjoy! Want to learn how to Escape Shoulder and Arm Locks?  Click HERE

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Escaping Side Control: Getting to the Knees (Leg Side)

This is chapter 4 of a 60-chapter two disc set on escaping side control. In this section we’ll study a classic escape from the position.    

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3 Counters to an Under Hook

BJJ Basics: Today’s question is about what to do when our partner gets the under hook and how to overcome that so that we don’t loose top side control.

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Countering the Flower Sweep

Here is one counter to the Flower Sweep. Learn an entire system based upon the Flower Sweep by clicking here ->

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Clock Choke Counter to Side Control Escape

When rolling with explosive partners we’ll often face an escape attempt where they roll away. This will also often occur when we place their arm in a “sling” with the skirt of the lapel. In any case, here is an excellent counter when they roll away from you.  ...

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Mount Attacks (Knee Through the Middle Series)

Often when training we can find ourselves training with a highly defensive partner who isn’t attempting to actively escape but only lying on the ground. They are waiting for you to get frustrated and to create an opening for their escape. Here are a few options off the bicep...

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Kimura to Paper Cutter Choke

Here is a quick variation to the Kimura starting in Side Control and ending in the North South position. Additionally we’ll review an option when our partners grip is too strong to break to complete the Kimura. I hope you like it!      

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Double Grip Deep De La Riva Hook Front Side Sweep

BJJ Basics: Here is another excellent option in De La Riva Guard we call the front side sweep. Often, we can hit this technique on its own, but we will usually use the threat of the back side sweep to execute the front side sweep. Enjoy!

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Double Grip Deep Lace De La Riva Guard

One of the most destabilizing versions of De La Riva Guard is the variation with the lacing hook going to the far hip. This is an excellent position to execute a number of attacks. It is especially important to retain BOTH sleeves for ideal control and to protect you...

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Countering the Back Step Pass (the Back Take)

While playing the half guard our partners will often attempt to back step pass us to get passed our guard.  Here is a variation you’ll face where you can counter with a back take of your own. Enjoy!  

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Waiting to be picked

The challenge in waiting to be picked by someone else is that they have to be smart enough to see your value. It’s the same if it’s coaches, employers, belt promotions or a game of pickup basketball. If you’re taking part in something that depends on you being “picked”...

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