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Month: March 2019

Kimura to Paper Cutter Choke

Here is a quick variation to the Kimura starting in Side Control and ending in the North South position. Additionally we’ll review an option when our partners grip is too strong to break to complete the Kimura.

I hope you like it!




Double Grip Deep De La Riva Hook Front Side Sweep

BJJ Basics: Here is another excellent option in De La Riva Guard we call the front side sweep. Often, we can hit this technique on its own, but we will usually use the threat of the back side sweep to execute the front side sweep.


Double Grip Deep Lace De La Riva Guard

One of the most destabilizing versions of De La Riva Guard is the variation with the lacing hook going to the far hip. This is an excellent position to execute a number of attacks. It is especially important to retain BOTH sleeves for ideal control and to protect you from easy leg lock entries and back step passes.

I hope you enjoy it!



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