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Month: September 2018

Countering the Back Step Pass with The Leg Drag

Sometimes when countering the Back Step pass with the hook sweep we’ll encounter a partner who is too far along in their pass to effectively use the hook sweep. While that opportunity is closed off to us we can often take their back.



Killer Knee on Belly Attacks

Killer Knee on Belly Attacks

The knee ride can be one of the most valuable tools to use for big and small players alike.  This land mark is a position that can yield tremendous gains for the BJJ player but can be challenging at time to play.

In this video we’ll cover

1. Positions details
2. Spin 180
3. KOB to staple armbar
4. KOB to staple to genie & kimura
5. KOB to Staple to No Hands Kimura & Genie
6. KOB to Staple to Mono Plata
7. KOB to Near Side arm lock

Run Time: 20 Min 40 Sec


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