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Month: February 2018

Sweep to Omo Plata to Triangle Choke

BJJ Basics: In this instructional we tried to sweep our partner. After they lean away to avoid the sweep we apply the Omo Plata. If our partner attempts to avoid the Omo Plata we have an excellent opportunity to attack with the Triangle Choke.

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Triangle Choke From The Mount to Arm Bar

Today We are attempting  the Triangle Choke but for some reason were unable to lock the triangle with our legs. Therefore we transition to an arm bar


The Flower Sweep is a fundamental technique that is often misunderstood.  Relevant for new and experienced guard players alike.  It’s a technique that has become indispensable for many a guard player. On this ground-breaking DVD, Ante Dzolic teaches the “how’s” and “whys” to use this technique, the necessary changes to make based on size and reactions, as well as how to transition to complimentary attacks.  You’ll learn how to sweep or submit your opponent with a myriad of attacks by forcing them to “pick their poison”.



Scissor Sweep to Omo Plata

Today we tried to sweep our partner when they lean away to stop the sweep.   This is when we transition to the Omo Plata.


Sweep From Leg Lasso Guard to The Baseball Bat Choke

Today we are working from the an open guard.  We will transition to the Leg Lasso Guard and choose to sweep our partner  from that position. Once swept we will attack with the Baseball bat choke.



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