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Month: April 2017

Mount Escape Elbow Escape

This is a bread and butter fundamental escape you’ll use your entire BJJ life. Your goal whenever defending in the mount is to funnel your opponent into committing completely to defending either the Elbow Escape or you Bridge and Roll Escape (Umpa). The reason for this is that as our partner commits to defending one it opens and opportunity to execute the other. This is one variation of the Elbow Escape that you’ll study. I hope you enjoy!

Power Hip Bump Sweep to Kimura

When performing the “Power Hip Bump Sweep” (aka Sit up sweep) very often our partner will see the attack coming and interrupt the sweep attempt by posting their hand on the mat. This can be an excellent trigger to apply the Kimura arm lock.

Power Hip Bump Sweep

The “Power Hip Bump Sweep” is just a variation of the hip bump (or Sit up sweep) sweep. You gain more momentum with this variation but lose some element of surprise. This variation tends to be easiest for new students to actually apply in training and helps students begin to connect attacks together in sequence. When you perform this variation it is with the mindset that you are also alert to the common counters (Ex: Partner posts their hand to stop the sweep) and plan on take advantage of those predictable responses.

Classic Cross Lapel Choke from The Mount

BJJ Basics: The Cross Lapel Choke from Mount is a fundamental attack in BJJ. Here is once variation of the attack.

BJJ Escapes: Escaping Modified Kesa Gatame (Guard Recovery)


Escapes in BJJ can be especially challenging.  The case is no different when learning to escape the modified Kesa Gatame position.  When first beginning your training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu this position can seem no different than bottom side control (aka: bottom cross sides).  But there are some very important differences between the positions.  The sooner you can develop a concrete plan on how to escape the position the sooner you’ll be getting out from underneath those “heavy” training partners of yours.  So, here we go!


Today’s article will cover your initial BJJ escape attempt to the modified kesa gatame (or scarf hold) position. This technique is intended to be our opening move in the fight to escape. Because or partner is in the dominant position we can’t always expect to be successful in our initial escape attempt. But what we can try to do is funnel our opponent’s options down to a predictable few choices that we can see coming and take advantage of to eventually achieve our ultimate goal of escape.


There are times when you’ll want to escape modified kesa gatame to a more dominant position than a guard.  As a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, you’ll always want multiple options for escape.  Another BJJ escape option will be to get up, out from underneath you opponent.  To learn how to escape from modified kesa gatame to a more dominant position please review this article and video here.


Escaping the position, by getting to a guard or to your feet, is not always the best answer.  Sometimes, you’ll need (or would prefer) a submission attempt.  To learn how to escape the modified kesa gatame position and attempt an arm lock submission please review this article and video here.


For additional articles on the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu please visit: https://www.bjjbasics.com

For Instructional videos by this author please visit here


About the author

Ante Dzolic is an Ohio based martial arts instructor and school owner holding multiple instructors ranks including a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  He can be reached at ante@BJJBasics.Com

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